Our English fellowships meet on Friday nights at 8:00pm every week. Learn more about each fellowship and find one that is right for you. Find out what each fellowship is doing this week by visiting the Events page.

Salt and Light Teens


We're SALT - nope, not the kind you use in the kitchen! We’re the youngest fellowship (high schoolers) in the ICRC family and we strive to live out our namesake— be salt and light in our own little worlds for the glory of Jesus Christ!

SALT fellowship is a place where Christian high schoolers come together to fellowship with each other and with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It’s a hang-out where we gather to praise God, have Bible Studies, prayer and sharing times, play games, dig deep into everyday issues and enjoy the company of each other in the Christian faith.

For inquiries on SALT, please email salt.icrc@gmail.com

Young Adults Fellowship


Young Adults Fellowship (YAF) is a Christian youth group for young adults after high school that exists for people who are in college or in their careers. It is a time used to share each other's success and struggles, but also an opportunity to grow spiritually with each other. Activities vary week to week and can include games, studying the Bible, sharing our blessings and struggles with each other and devoting them to God in prayer. We seek to find God in the routines of our everyday lives.

For inquiries on YAF, please email yaf@icrc.com



The Agape fellowship recognizes that developing a strong Christian character begins at home.

Mostly, but definitely not limited to, married couples and parents, we aim to spur each other to have a deeper walk with Jesus, and to instill this thirst in our spouses and children.

Our desire is for each member of the family to grow in the Agape love of The Lord, that our ties be strong because we are united in God’s family.

For inquiries on Agape, please email agape.icrc@gmail.com