Co-Worker's Retreat

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Our Coworkers Retreat will be on Saturday, April 15 from 9:30am-4pm @ Christ Worship Centre! It is open to those serving in various ICRC ministries, those desiring to serve, and anyone at all who wish to come. Rev. Stephen Ho and Pastor Doug Wong will be speaking on "One body in Christ”.  Lunch will be provided.

同在堂年度同工退修會將於4月15日週六於素里基督敬拜中心舉行! 我們邀請教會各事工中所有參加服事以及願意參與服事、參加會議的弟兄姐妹一起來學習“在基督里合一”。講員: Rev. Stephen Ho and Pastor Doug Wong 時間:4月15日早上9:30到下午4:00。備午餐招待


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