Life Groups

Life and faith are not meant to be walked alone and Jesus’ ministry is an example of that. Our Life Groups are a way of living out our purpose, both as individuals and as a collective group of believers—to be the church. As believers, we share a common foundation of faith and have been called to live out that faith in a relational community, that is our Life Groups.

We have a variety of Life Groups that meet throughout Richmond and at different times of the week. Each of the groups are unique with their own characteristics! If you’re interested in joining a Life Group, let’s get in touch today.

Young Families 

Semi-Monthly on Thursday evenings
Young Families
Children are welcome


Semi-Monthly on Friday evenings
Young Families
Children are welcome

Women's Group

Semi-Monthly on Monday evenings
Young Professionals

Lifegroup @ Hazelbridge and Leslie

Weekly on Wednesday evenings
All are welcome

Salt and Light Teens Fellowship

We're SALT - nope, not the kind you use in the kitchen! We’re the youngest fellowship (high schoolers) in the ICRC family and we strive to live out our namesake— be salt and light in our own little worlds for the glory of Jesus Christ! SALT fellowship is a place where Christian high schoolers come together to fellowship with each other and with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It’s a hang-out where we gather to praise God, have Bible Studies, prayer and sharing times, play games, dig deep into everyday issues and enjoy the company of each other in the Christian faith. We meet on Friday nights at 7:30pm every week! For inquiries on SALT, please email

God is Good! One of our members of SALT (Shane) put together a video showing how the fellowship still had an amazing year, seeking God and building bonds. May it give you hope going forward, God bless!

Youth Bible Class

The Youth Bible Class is an English speaking class that is geared towards high school students. The class meets at 10:15am on Sundays alongside the Mandarin Service.

Together, we worship God through singing songs, sharing, reading scripture, learning truths about the Bible and group discussions.

Children’s Ministries

We welcome you to come and participate in the following activities for your children. The goal of each is to teach Bible truths so that children will have knowledge of the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Activities are mainly in English.)

Children's Sunday School

The Sunday school program in the same church provides children’s classes. Through various interactive activities, songs and handicrafts, our teachers strive to help children strengthen their confidence and develop a Christian character. Through weekly Bible lessons and verses, it also encourages the growth of biblical knowledge. Our goal is to equip children with the tools they need to establish and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Children’s Sunday School classes for kids in pre-school to grade 6 run at the same time every week at and 11:30 a.m. Sunday School is held in the classrooms upstairs.

If you are interested to learn more about and join the Children's Sunday School, please contact:
Church Office or Heidi Dy
Tel: (604) 276-8250 or (778) 882-8660
E-mail: or

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KidsConnect is a weekly Friday night program for children ages 4 to 11. While the parents are having their fellowship, we kids have our own activities at KidsConnect. Worship, Bible lessons, Bible memory verses, games, and snack. Plus, we get to collect stickers for each task accomplished which are then redeemed for prizes at end of the season.

When: 7:30pm-9:00pm every Friday night of September to June (except during announced breaks)

For more information about KidsConnect or the Children’s Ministries at ICRC, please contact:

Church Office or Heidi Dy
Tel: (604) 276-8250 or (778) 882-8660
E-mail: or

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Vacation Bible School

Every summer, the adults and teens of ICRC put their efforts together to transform the church into a Vacation Bible School for children. VBS is a 5-day event every year that is centred around a theme. It’s always amazing to see the helping hands coming together to create this environment and how excited children can be to learn more about God.

  • dancing and praising God through songs
  • listening to Bible lessons and trusting Jesus
  • getting wild and (sometimes) wet in games
  • connecting fun experiments or crafts to the Bible truths
  • eating together and taking pictures which will refresh memories with delight even 20 years after

Sharing and teaching God’s love is something we love to do at ICRC. So if your child is from preschool to Grade 7, we would love for them to have this opportunity to learn about God with us! Don’t miss the learning, friendship and fun that happens at VBS.

When: a 5-day camp sometime in July or August

Where: At Immanuel Christian Reformed Church 7600 No. 4 Road, Richmond B.C.

Half-Day (for preschool and kindergarten kids born 2019-2020)

  • Program: Worship, Bible lesson & verse memorization, games, craft, snacks
  • Cost: $35/child.  Fee includes T-shirt, crafts, and snacks

Full-Day (for gradeschool kids born 2011-2018)

  • Cost: $75/child (9am-3pm) Fee includes T-shirt, materials, morning snack, lunch and outdoor activities

Registration dates: to be announced; on Sundays after Sunday Services or during weekdays office hours Mon, Wed-Sat (604-276- 8250). Registration to be confirmed by payment.

If you have missed us this year, see you next year.

For more information about VBS or our Children’s Ministries at ICRC, please contact:

Church Office
Tel: (604) 276-8250

Kids Fall Fair

On the last Sunday of October at 4-7pm, Immanuel CRC holds a Kids Fall Fair for children of all ages. Everyone is welcome and it’s free of charge. Wearing their non-scary costumes, children are engaged in 2-4 hours of fun activities collecting sweets in their bags and stamps in their booklet. These stamps are then redeemed for prizes.

There are various game stations to choose from. There’s also crafts, face painting, and toddlers play area, plus a food-for- sale station in case it’s time to take a break and re-energize. Parents sit around to enjoy the food and chat.

For more information about VBS or our Children’s Ministries at ICRC, please contact:

ICRC Office
Tel: (604) 276-8250


Heavenly Praise Choir

The Heavenly Praise Choir is a four-part SATB choir who sing a wide variety that include traditional favourites as well as classical, gospel and more contemporary pieces. We sing during the English service (except the first Sunday of the month) as a part of the worship service.

We sing to share messages of praise, reverent worship, testimony, encouragement, comfort, thankfulness, and perseverance through the songs that we sing. Choral anthems often have lyrics that are full of scripture and of Biblical truth, so we sing to share a message in song that is full of meaning when it is amplified by the marriage of music and lyrics.

We are always looking to add new members to the choir. We have guidelines for those who would like to join the choir and require an audition for singing in the choir. If you would like to join us for practices or to observe, feel free to reach us at

Looking for ways to serve?

Are you a member at ICRC with a passion to serve in meaningful ways that make a positive difference?  We believe in using the gifts God has given and developed in us to serve others and advance His kingdom.  We also believe in having a healthy team of people serving at church where we learn from each other and have 3 rotating teams/people per job to avoid burn out.

There are many areas to serve in with varying levels of urgency.  Feel free to take a look at the volunteer positions we have available and sign up for areas you may be interested in.

Volunteer Opportunities

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